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Alfoa Karma
Release Date
29. December 2014
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Alfoa Karma

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The first interpretation of ‘Karma’ is provided by Rasti Tkac who is making his first appearance on Welcome Music. Long time progressive house fans know the Slovakian producer from his much loved productions with Thomas Haverlik which date back 10 years now. The duo crafted many progressive gems including Tyra, Synthia and Noel. Productions from Rasti and Thomas have been scarce ever since so it’s great to see a new one from Rasti here. The Slovakian producer has put his own deep, atmospheric spin on the track which proves to be a great complement to the original. Rasti’s spacious yet electric sounding groove is loaded with great swing and the tracks enchanting surroundings are just the icing on the cake. A deep and intoxicating production from Rasti. Beautiful work.
Mitch Alexander (change-underground.com)

Equilibrium 031 [04 Sep 2015]