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Nicolas Petracca – Between The Clouds
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4. May 2015
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Nicolas Petracca – Between The Clouds

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  • Nicolas Petracca - Between The Clouds (Rasti Tkac Nimbostratus Remix)


The second and final interpretation of ‘Between The Clouds’ is provided by Rasti Tkac who is making his first appearance on Clinique Recordings. Long time progressive house fans know the Slovakian producer from his much loved productions with Thomas Haverlik which date back 10 years now. The duo crafted many progressive gems including Tyra, Synthia and Noel. Rasti made a much welcome return late last year with a remix of Alfoa’s ‘Karma’ released courtesy of Welcome Music and it’s great to see him on another project here. His interpretation of ‘Between The Clouds’ revisits that trippy spaced out sound which so many loved about his classic productions. Phenomenal vocal edits along with a big, groovy foundation and intricate electronic work make it both a pleasure to listen or dance to. The subtle piano accents add an air of intrigue and the cinematic break sets up a powerful conclusion. Wonderful remix from Rasti which rounds out an excellent release on Clinique Recordings.
Mitch Alexander (change-underground.com)

Equilibrium 031 [04 Sep 2015]