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Ri Za – Far Beyond
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13. December 2015
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Ri Za – Far Beyond

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  • Ri Za - Far Beyond (Rasti Tkac 'Space and Time' Remix)


Rasti’s Suffused Music debut finds him reworking Ri Za’s ‘Far Beyond’ into a deep, tripped out masterpiece. A pulsating sequence of bass tones and liquid like swells make up a killer foundation, eventually modulating in melodious fashion for some great moments. Shifty rhythms set a great tonal design and eventually open up to initiate the main break. Merely a quick transition, the beats return along with some new found vocal elements to spruce up the surroundings, before the lead elements fade back in to prominence for a great conclusion.
Mitch Alexander (change-underground.com)

Equilibrium 031 [04 Sep 2015]